El Enfoque Comunicativo Interactivo (The Interactive Communicative Approach (ICA) PART II

El Enfoque Comunicativo Interactivo The Interactive Communicative Approach (ICA)    PhD Luis Castro Gavelán   Complutense University - Spain    ( SECOND PART pages 47-110 )   ABSTRACT: The Interactive Communicative Approach (ICA) is a didactic proposal for the teaching of second languages to adults. Is based on the idea that a language is learned by speaking within an environment of dynamic interaction that requires both the student and the teacher to become fully involved in the teaching-learning process. During this cooperative work (50% of the work coming from each of the actors in the classroom), the student must demonstrate a keen interest while the teacher must emphasize the different humanistic approaches (the affective, the communicative, and most importantly, the cognitive) within a specific social and cultural context. The objective of the ECI is to develop a cognitive process that stimulates the strategic capacities of the student and promotes a significan